Audiology's first
Patient Experience Summit

Virtual discussions about how Audiologists can create next-level experiences for their patients.

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The Speakers

Audiologists, authors and industry leaders discussing the patient experience and ways to make a difference.

Dawn Heiman is an audiologist and the founder of a few companies, including Advanced Audiology Consultants and EntreAudiology. She co-hosts the Hearing Wellness Journey Podcast and also leads EntreAudiology Mastermind groups. She developed the Hearing Wellness Journey online aural rehab program to help her current patients and others who need a more in-depth approach to know how to best prepare them for adjusting to their hearing devices.

Discussion: Online Aural Rehab - Beyond the Hearing Aid: Learn why creating world-class patient experiences is more than just appropriate amplification.

Dr. Cliff Olson is an Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Olson’s desire to educate individuals with hearing loss led to the creation of the HearingUp Provider Network in 2019. This Network has helped countless individuals with hearing loss to find an excellent local hearing care professional who follows best practices. When not treating patients in his clinic or creating content, you can find him trail running and cycling across the great state of Arizona.

Discussion: The Fitting and Follow-up Process - The Business of Changing Lives: How to use the patient fitting and onboarding process to create patients that will never leave you.

Dr. Jessen has been practicing audiology for 20 years. She is the owner of Columbine Hearing Care in Littleton, Colorado, the author of 5 Keys to Communication Success and the creator of the 5 Keys Communication auditory rehabilitation program. Dr. Jessen is passionate about helping hearing care providers, as well as those living with hearing challenges, to think beyond hearing aids and implement a holistic approach to improved communication.

Discussion: Aural Rehab via Email - Becoming the "Trusted Guide": How some audiologists are using patient education to create disruption-proof practices, and how you can too.

Chris is a digital marketer that specializes in high-performing websites and Google search optimization. He believes that the patient experience begins online before they reach your clinic. With local competition, 3rd parties and online sellers, he strongly recommends that practices work harder to stand out and communicate their WHY to prospective patients. Chris has a Masters in Business and has been working in Audiology for over 20 years, working in retail, manufacturer and agency roles.

Discussion: Websites + Branding - Stop Blending In!: How to leverage your unique voice, experience, and expertise to create a standout brand that's magnetic to ideal patients.

Michele Ahlman is founder/owner & CEO of Clear Digital Media, an Austin, TX-based privately held company that specializes in improving the patient experience. CDM TV is a video content distribution platform that streams high-quality, educational and custom video content to screens in hearing care practices throughout the US & Canada.

Discussion: Lobby Experience - Nailing the First Impression: How to create an unforgettable brand experience...starting in your lobby!

Doctor of Audiology and former private practice owner who grew a new start audiology business to over seven figures in revenue in under 3 years while working less than 20 hours a week in the business. Brad had a profitable exit from his practice in 2021, and now he helps practice owners with the mindsets, systems, and strategies needed to rediscover your Dream Business and bring it into reality.

Discussion 1: Automating Emails - Can Empathy Be a Business System? How to create "automated intimacy" with your patient database and never miss a patient touchpoint again (without any fancy tech)

Discussion 2: The Consult Process - Why the Most Successful Providers Never Sell: The real secret to consistently high treatment acceptance rates.

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Are the summit videos free to watch?

Yes! The videos are all free to watch. You can watch them live in the Audiology Happy Hour Facebook group. You can also register and get them all emailed to you to watch when your schedule allows.

Do I have to be a member of Audiology Happy Hour?

No, you do not have to be on Facebook or a member of the Audiology Happy Hour Facebook group. If you are a member, you can watch these videos inside of the group. To make sure you receive all of the videos, we recommend registering. You will receive an email with links to all videos.

What is HearingUp?

HearingUp was created to help consumers find high-quality hearing care. HearingUp Network members are dedicated to following industry Best Practices to achieve better patient outcomes. You can learn more here.

How long are the videos?

Each video is around 25-30 minutes long.